The Program 🚀

By crafting a 12 week accelerator program for all Rutgers founders, we're able to take you from idea to seed - covering all aspects of building, scaling and launching your startup.

Founders, developers, designers, professors, VCs and investors are just some of the mentors that we'll be inviting to take part in our program.

Building a company alone is tough. We're gathering a group of founders that you can work with, learn from and celebrate your successes with.

While our progam features weekly pitch practices and KPI sessions, we make sure to fill it with endless workshops, speaker sessions and mentor visits to expose you to as many people and ideas as possible.

One of the biggest ways we deliver value is by helping our founers raise the capital they need through the Ramenworks investor network.

Looking for a developer, designer or marketer? We actively connect our companies with the people they need through our network of Rutgers University's best talent.

While you'll be participating in an established cirriculum that aims at covering all aspects of building and growing a startup, we have regualr meetings with each team to serve your specific needs throughout the program.

To celebrate the conclusion of our program we'll be hosting a Demo Day for all of our founders to showcase their startups. We're eager to show off your work to our community of mentors, founders, partners and investors. Demo Day is a great opportunity to raise capital through the Ramenworks investor network.

Our Team
Have a question? Feel free to shoot any of us an email.